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The long pant AK107 k7 kinetic and the shortarm shirt AK170 k7 energy is available. You can order here the new products. (mail with bottom measure in cm and your body height!)

NEW: All of our products are made with the NILIT® energy yarn with special minerals inside: see the video about the function -


Developed in cooperation with health professionals and athletes: 3D Kinesiology Tape in the form of a garment.
The product follows the contours of the muscles, thereby providing optimal support. There are 18 different fabric structures used in two-layer functional fabric.

Advantages for the wearer!

  • Improved performance
  • Much lower risk of injury
  • Stress on joints is reduced
  • Keeps the body at an ideal “operating temperature“
  • Reduction of muscle vibrations
  • Protection of the groin area
  • Muscular control is quicker, more dynamic movements are possible