Kempter7® Innovation you can wear!

Kinesiology Tape you can wear – functional underwear – developed for the sports world, “Made in Germany“, AUSTRIAN BRAND!

Developed in cooperation with health professionals and athletes: 3D Kinesiology Tape in the form of a garment for protection - helps to prevent injuries, supports speed, endurance and power of the muscles, especially for sports in which quick turns are important and in which impact stress occurs. Perfectly adapted to the anatomy of the body.

Thighs, groin and buttocks are well-protected when under stress and are strongly supported with the power of the integrated Kinesiology Tape technology.

When there are strong impacts, quick shifts in direction and simultaneous linear motion, sprinting, slowing down, bending and stretching, the muscles are challenged in fractions of a second and get optimal support with Kempter7®.

support – protect – strengthen

For football, soccer, american football, rugby, handball, skiing, cross-country, tennis, basketball, hockey, ice hockey, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, karate, judo, squash, fencing and many other high-speed sports, Kempter7® provides the perfect complement and support for training and competition

“You‘ll be convinced the first time you wear it!“