The product follows the contours of the muscles, thereby providing optimal support. There are 18 different fabric structures used in two-layer functional fabric.
The oscillation of the muscle strands is reduced, allowing the muscle to stay tense so that less energy needs to be expended.
The 3D replication of the muscles results in optimal protection during athletic activity. The analysis of a large amount of measured data has resulted in the following: for optimal function, the muscle does not need compression, but instead proprioception (the body‘s deep sensibility which gathers and transfers information from the muscles) like the well-known Kinesiology Tape provides in rehabilitation and performance support. This is exactly what Kempter7® products accomplish: functional sports underwear – Kinesiology Tape you can wear and use repeatedly.
Quick pain relief and increased mobility through the activation of the body‘s own performance and healing processes thanks to Kempter7®.
Stimulation of the lymphatic system flow and the improvement of physical performance. The unique muscle vibration damping effect results when wearing our product.
Kempter7® has a pain-relieving and healing effect, as it lifts the tissue and supports the blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It should stimulate the muscles to work while at the same time relieving strained muscles.